You are being warned of a massive attack of U.S citizens that is going on at this moment all across the country. Evidence of the activity has been discovered through technical research proving that this is in fact true. It has been widely reported in NYC Metropolitan newspapers such as Newsdays and others just 7 years ago that large amounts of money equivalent to trillions of dollars by today’s standards have been invested in U.S pharmaceuticals and other industries of the U.S towards the end of WW II. The United States Intelligence Network have been proven to be infiltrated by old guard Nazi German Intelligence Agents since that time. We also have evidence that this entity had sought and is enacting revenge on the U.S. With these attacks on covert electronic attacks on U.S. Citizens for the bombing Germany and Hitler into dust; their efforts over the years inside government have been realized by their introduction of policy that low brow civil servants have all to willingly blindly and ignorantly followed in obeying as they carry out these attacks on our citizen.

Attention & Warning


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