”Hemliga Eder” inom den klassiska politiska lögnindustrin!!

Fool me once, shame on YOU!…Fool me twice, shame on ME.

– The Crown of St. Edwards is the Crown of England from which the \”American Crown\” descends by common law.

– The American Revolution & The Declaration of Independence

– The U.S is still a British Colony

– The U.S Lawyers Secret Oath to the British Queen – A Secret Oath to support Bankruptcy

– Secret court – Secret Law

– Hitler was a British Agent

”When the British Freemasons want to create a war, the American Skull and Bones prepare to supply them with munitions accross the Atlantic and vice versa. WHEN EITHER THE BRITISH FREEMASONS OR THE SKULL AND BONES NEED A WAR FOR PROFIT, THEY USE MI-6 AND THE CIA TO CREATE IT”.

”Every war is a social experiment whose end is always ‘new ways of controlling the masses’. All wars are a front for creating social change”.

Tunga ämnen … lite ”skämt” om allvaret …


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