Vortex Vapen ett Non-Lethal Weapon – riktas idag mot så kallade dissidenter för så kallat ”fredsbevarande syfte”!!

Marknadsföringen av det bio-fysiska Vortex Vapnet låter sig beskrivas på föjande sätt:

The application of known police means for crowd control in criminal and conflict situations doesn’t exclude outcome that contradicts system and ethical norms defined by the world community. NLW (Non-Lethal Weapons) crowd control based on wave technologies is limited in frequency and amplitude, that defines the possible application of such means only within the audible sound range.

At the same time, the influence on human receptors and senses by vortex of high level can cause pain syndrome, irritation, spasm and shock. Thus, this influence is very effective for crowd control, as these effects is corresponded by panic, disorientation. In this case the response of any human is temporal and the damage is reversible (after the ending of vortex influence) and no lethal outcome happens.

Vortex Vapen


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