The Biggest Secret – David Icke

The Biggest Secret


(Spanish version)

from Kamita Website

This unofficial file was created by image scanning and OCR processing a legal copy of the real book. Please share copies of this file with others.

The world needs it


There are many who will dub me a ‘nut’ for what
I have written in this book. My reply is this:

Today’s mighty oak is just
yesterday’s nut that held its ground.


A Free World?

Introduction – Days of Decision

  1. Chapter – The Martians have Landed?

  2. Chapter – Don’t Mention The Reptiles

  3. Chapter – The Babylonian Brotherhood

  4. Chapter – The Suns of God

  5. Chapter – Conquered by The Cross

  6. Chapter – Rule Britannia

  7. Chapter – Knights of the Sun

  8. Chapter – Same Face, Different Mask

  9. Chapter – Land of The ‘Free’

  10. Chapter – Money Out Of Nothing

  11. Chapter – Global Babylon

  12. Chapter – The Black Sun

  13. Chapter – The Network Today

  14. Chapter – Under the Influence

  15. Chapter – Satan’s Children

  16. Chapter – Where Have all The Children Gone?

  17. Chapter – The Secret Language

  18. Chapter – All the Queen’s forces and all the Queen’s men

  19. Chapter – The Goddess and the King

  20. Chapter – Casting the Spell

  21. Chapter – Breaking the Spell

    Picture Section



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