Följ med David Icke till Oxfords Universitet …

The David Icke Newsletter, March 2nd 2008



Hello all …

I spoke at Oxford University this week, or more accurately the Oxford Union, a debating society founded in 1823 and both the breeding ground and stage for many leading politicians of the last 185 years.

Five British Prime Ministers have been officers of the Union – Gladstone, Lord Salisbury, Herbert Asquith, Harold Macmillan and Edward Heath – and a long list of government ministers and other politicians, including Benazir Bhutto, the assassinated former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was the Union President in 1977.

I can see why so many politicians emerge from its ranks. I remember the first time I debated there in 1989 as a national spokesman for the British Green Party and realised that the student members of the Union draw lots to see if they will speak for or against the motion in question.

It doesn’t matter if they believe in the stance they have been drawn to take. Their job is to passionately ’sell’ their often manufactured beliefs and I was amazed at how well they do it. So, of course, this creates a wonderful training programme for would-be politicians who then go off to Parliament to lie, mislead and speak in favour of things they don’t even support.

I would find it impossible to do that, which makes me a crap politician – thank goodness. The words would stick in my throat if I even attempted it. There is such a difference between seeing another’s point of view and robustly advocating what you don’t agree with, but some of these guys do it so convincingly.

The Oxford Union debating hall

The Union has attracted the leading British politicians of their day to speak in their debates, but also the high and mighty from overseas, including: US Presidents, Reagan, Nixon and Carter; former secretary of State and Illuminati front-man, Henry Kissinger; and Robert Kennedy, the assassinated brother of JFK. South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama and even Kermit the Frog have also appeared and so has Michael Jackson.

I have debated there a few times and this week I was asked to present my information about how the few control the many with the goal of a global fascist dictatorship. There were some open people who turned up, but I found once again, as I have every other time at Oxford and Cambridge, that the intellect, left to itself, is a prison of the mind.

When I was thinking about how best to present the information at the world’s most prestigious university I found myself going through the apparently bizarre process of leaving out certain areas and concepts because I knew it would be too much for the intellect alone to take. Instead, I honed it down into sort of baby steps.

What? Baby steps at the home of the intellectual ‘elite’ when at events like the Brixton Academy I can just go with everything to an audience of the ‘general public’ of all ages, races and backgrounds, most of whom will never have seen the inside of a university, let alone Oxford??

How come? Intellect, that’s how come.

The ‘Intellect’ the Prison of the Mind – David Icke


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